With your GuestCompass platform, you'll regain your guest online experience.
We ensure that the information you want to convey to your guest actually transcends, but what are technical, more options?

  • Collecting email addresses so you know who is in your hotel and next time they can book directly through you!
  • Up-sell by e.g. advertising available places in your spa or rent bicycles through the forms.
  • Cost savings, e.g. you do not print your hotel directory anymore, but it is on the platform, makes it also easier to keep track of changes.
  • Collecting Facebook likes.
  • Login via Facebook.
  • Posting Youtube videos.
  • Posting custom made videos (Duin and Kruidberg).
  • Reviews, receive instant feedback, not when your guest has already left.
  • Manage your hotel room, the Domotica is in collaboration with ABB, all through the app: room door (un)lock, lighting, AC, TV, housekeeping, etc.
  • Post 360 videos
  • In conjunction with local parties, we provide local news for your guest